Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Is the NSA Spying Scandal Still Continuing?

The Guardian reported yesterday that the NSA monitored the calls of 35 world leaders. The source of this story is the classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

I don’t understand how new information can still be surfacing out of the Snowden leaks. The NSA must be aware of what information is in the hands of the press at this point. (If they aren’t… shame on them… they’re not just spies, they’re *bad* spies). So, why don’t they get ahead of the leaks and simply acknowledge what’s in the documents before the Guardian continues to release scoops over the next 6 months?

Perhaps I’m being naive and this is an impossible solution. Or perhaps the remainder of the documents are so damaging that the only strategy the NSA can practically employ is the ostrich theory.

There’s an expression used in tough times. It’s crude (apologies), but it’s perfectly suited to the NSA’s problem: If you’re going to eat shit, eat shit in big gulps.

It’s time for the NSA to own up and put this mess behind them. If they don’t, the pain will just be prolonged.


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