Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Professional Web Presence

I’m disappointed in LinkedIn.  Some frustrations: the endless email bacn, the interface that was designed in MS Paint, and the constant games around access to data that constantly shrinks the freemium line.

Linkedin is my professional web presence, but it does a poor job of making me look awesome.  It’s not the beautiful frame for me that it needs to be.

One thing that Linkedin did that’s amazing is it removed the taboo around having a clean and up-to-date resume publicly available.  Historically, (except if you were an academic listing your publications) if your resume was current and openly available for people to view, it was a sign that you were loose in the saddle, and open to a new job offering.  It was a bad signal to send to your current employer.

Linkedin undid this taboo.  It’s now perfectly acceptable (and in BizDev or Sales, strongly encouraged) to have your Linkedin profile complete and up-to-date. Linkedin affected great behavior change.

It feels like the opportunity for an upcoming startup to jump through this window of behavior change and own it.  Just like Etsy makes sellers’ goods look awesome through a beautiful frame of credibility and great design, a new startup should make me look awesome professionally too. 

Linkedin at its core is a network of profile permissions. If we are connected within three degrees, I can see your profile. This was setup as a legacy of that fact that Linkedin was trying to promote behavior change, to de-stigmatize the idea of having your CV publicly available online. Because I think this stigma is now largely gone, an upcoming startup in this space should drop the connections pretense.  All content should be available and open to all, just like StackOverflow and GitHub are the professional presence for programmers, and all profiles are open for all to see.

I’m sure this must exist already, and I’m just unaware.  Anyone have a solution they like?


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