Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Will You Be Missed?

When I opened my email this morning, my inbox was littered newsletters and deals. Not Spam, but “Bacn.” At first I was confused why it was such an unusual mess, and then I realized that SaneBox must be down, the tool I use to filter signal from noise in my inbox. I immediately missed SaneBox, but I also knew that with patience it would be back online shortly and would catch up on the mess that accumulated in its absence.

The fact that I missed SaneBox is a great positive signal for its product quality.

If I were filling out a customer feedback survey for SaneBox, they might ask me a question along the lines of “If SaneBox were no longer available, how much would you miss it? (Scale 1 - 5).” And I could try to answer them truthfully. But the silver lining of downtime for any startup is establishing Ground Truth on this typical feedback question, instead of just relying on self-reported survey data.

No one wants their service to go down, ever. It’s incredibly stressful. But once you’re back online, a quick scan of your customer support email or Twitter mentions will give you a good gut check on just how much you’re missed.


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