Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Leap Seconds

This past week, we had a leap second.  An adjustment to UTC time to keep it in sync with the sun within a one second rounding error.  It was our first leap second in four years.  Here’s a picture you don’t see every day:

Leap Second Captured

So in addition to the leap day on Feb 29th this year, we got a bonus second.  How did you spend your second?  I’m pretty certain I spent mine leveling my barb in Diablo III </geek>.

I just saw a tweet from Omar Bohsali, one of the founders of Priceonomics, a Spark portfolio company.  He had an exciting Saturday night thanks to the leap second.  Here’s a screenshot of a 16 core priceonomics server shortly after the leap second.  

And then another screenshot after Omar applied a quick patch.

Y2K had nothing on leap seconds :)


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