Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More on the Job Spec

Since launching our Analyst hiring process we’ve already received a flood of applications, and I’m really excited about the quality we are seeing.  

I want to add a bit of color around the type of person we are looking for.  It’s easy for us to know what we want because we already have a great model in the Analyst role.  David Haber joined Spark exactly a year ago today (thanks Timehop for the reminder), and he has done an excellent job during that time.  He graduated Harvard two years prior to joining Spark and had work experience during those two years that carried over well to the VC industry.  More importantly, he was already deeply embedded in the NY startup tech ecosystem, constantly attending tech networking events after work out of interest and recreation.  If at the end of this process we end up with another candidate that has the same characteristics and style as David, we’d be delighted.

Any Analyst candidate interviewing at Spark will have a chance to meet with David, and it is one of the most important interviews in the process because he’s the person the new Analyst will be working with most frequently.  He’s helping me run this process and review applications.  David isn’t going anywhere, and he’s going to be a great model for any incoming Analyst as a reference for how to thrive at this firm.