Friday, September 4, 2009


It was recently announced that Union Square Ventures and OATV led the investment in foursquare. My $0.02 on this investment:

Everybody loves the feeling of having expert knowledge about their favorite, local venues.  It’s the motivation behind reading restaurant reviews before entering a restaurant to figure out the best dish to order.  Or, it’s the pride felt knowing the where the best, hit-filled jukebox is within a 5 block radius.  When you really know a location you get a satisfying feeling of expertise, comfort and enjoyment, but reaching that state is often time-consuming.  Foursquare accelerates the process of local expertise. And, it’s optimized to give this information exactly when you need it, on-the-go via a rich mobile app.

I’m really excited about this investment and am delighted that we have the opportunity to work with Bryce, Dennis, Naveen, and Harry. They’re all rockstars.


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