Thursday, February 16, 2012


I’m excited to share that Kik Interactive just launched its second product. The first one was the popular messaging app Kik, which continues to have a strong base of devoted fans and is growing quickly. Today, the company launched Clik, a remote for bridging phones to bigger screens. Techcrunch has a good high-level summary.

Clik today is a very compelling demo where you use your smartphone to control YouTube videos on a larger second screen, and you can try it out now on a mobile phone. I’m really excited to see what third-party developers do with this platform when we launch the SDK for this service soon. Spark is an investor in Kik along side RRE and USV, and we are delighted to see Ted Livingston (Founder and CEO) and his team continue to push the boundaries on mobile technology. 

The core technology and UI innovation for Clik surprisingly predates Kik.  It was the original passion of Ted and his founding team. So it’s great to see Ted finally bring to life a vision he has been fostering for a number of years now.


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